Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Living and Learning: Nature Connections

I am having way too much fun discovering new blogs today.

I am making the choice to leave the pile of dishes and the unswept floor for a little longer and post about this great blog challenge...Nature Connections.

As I looked back at Januarys photos I realized I hadn't taken many :( and the photos I did take are all inside wrong is that!

I did however come up with these outside photos from New years day:

We had just spent a fast paced week at Disneyland, and January 1st was our day to visit our Aunt and Uncle in Woodland Hills California.

Here my girls are enjoying running around, playing chase in their backyard

Then it was time to discover the birdbath and enjoy some waterplay
Which led to finding some toy bird decorations and making them homes
Aayla carted her new friend everywhere that afternoon.

I find it really quite amazing that even though we spent a fortune at Disneyland and had a great time that this afternoon of simple, natural, outside play was even more memorable then Disneyland.

Nature Connections
is a collaborative link collection
posted at the end of each month
at Living and Learning.

It's purpose is to showcase photos of children
enjoying nature to inspire all of us to get outdoors more.

I am also tagging this with a year of choice as I choose to make a better effort at catching all the little moments, inside and outside on film.