Monday, February 7, 2011

A Valentines Sensory Box and Sequencing FUN

Today we whipped up a quick little Valentines Sensory box. My 3 year old especially is very sensory orientated. All you need are a few supplies you probably already have around the house :)

We use a cardboard lid from a box of photocopy paper for our tray but you could use any rubbermade container, wooden tray an old shoe box etc.

Fill it partially full of rice, add some pom poms, foam heart shapes, felt shapes, Valentine erasers, craft jewel hearts, and some red glitter, or/and anything else you have that lends itself to a Valentine theme.

Provide some spoons or scoops, and bowls to use for holding items when scooped and poured and can also be used for sorting.

Your child will love to scoop and pour the items into the bowls. Usally we use wooden bowls but lately I like to provide my girls with real glass. At dinner we even use real glasses. (bye bye plastic...yeah) They feel so grown up and we actually have less spills because they are more careful and respectful of them. I purchase mine all from thrif stores so if one does get broken it's no big deal.

We had some left over Valentine erasers which I picked up at the dollar store:

which we used to make a matching page. I just laid the erasers out directly on top of the photocopier and made a colour copy. I did mine in lines so I can cut them apart to have separate lines for easier use with littler hands. This is a great sequencing activity, just provide a bowl of actual erasers and they'll have fun matching them to the photocopy. I am out of laminating sheets though so I will cut mine apart get the idea :)

We hope you enjoy these two quick and simple ideas...I know my girls sure do!

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