Friday, April 11, 2014

Got Recyclables? Make some ART

We use our recyclables for art all the time but what better time of year to really focus on basing your arts and crafts on reusing recyclables then for Earth day (which is fast approaching).

This weeks Got? Series post is Got Recyclables? Make some ART. As always click on the photo and it will take you directly to the post containing the full DIY for each activity.

I just love this idea for a hanging suncatcher vase from a water bottle

How about these Panda Bears from squished water bottles and pop cans

Hold your love for our world in your hands

Try our Owl bowling. We did it for Valentines day but really it's great any time of the year.

Make a cardboard mountain tunnel for your trains and cars

Try our newspaper's one of our most popular posts!

Make crowns from pop bottles

Make an art caddy from tin cans

Make a skipping rope from plastic bags

Make animal planters from tins

Make a travel art case from an old DVD case

Make drawer organizers from cereal boxes

Make Kandinsky Circle art with bottle caps

Make cake stands! How colourful and cute they are!

Make a hobby horse from a 2 litre bottle

Smencil Tube magic wands

Feed the birds with a pop bottle

Make a play purse from shampoo and conditioner bottles

Make a wallet from a juice carton

I'm so going to make a pop bottle sprinkler this summer

Use marker caps to make finger puppets

Make a rocket ship from recyclables

Make popsicle stick magnets by recycling advertising magnets

Make an outside drink holder from a tin can

Make a milk jug skeleton for Halloween

Milk jug Easter baskets

Make bottle cap stamps

Try making home made shrinkie dinks from clear plastic containers

Make a piggy bank

Make magnets and thumbtacks from bottle caps

Make binoculars with cardboard tubes (blog not in english will nead to translate it)

Make a boardboard hat for spring (blog not in English needs to be translated)

Make a bug catcher from a jar

Make no mess side walk chalk in deodorant containers

Make a snake bubbles bubble blower from a plastic bottle

Make Jar lanterns

How about some sand combs from plastic lids (also work great in paint)

Need a night light? Make one from a Crysal Light or similar container

Milk Jug Fairy Houses

Make a kaleidoscope from a Pringle's container. My girls will love this!

Here is a post about how to make 6 simple games made from recyclables

So what will you be making with your recyclables? Do you have an idea to share? Feel free to leave your link in the comments.

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