Thursday, April 10, 2014

Colouring HOT Hard Boiled Eggs

This one is a new idea for me. I first saw this idea HERE.

Sierra requested egg sandwiches for lunch today so I put in a few extra eggs to try out this hard boiled egg colouring idea.

I must say I LOVED how they turned out. We never make hard boiled eggs as crafts as I am afraid they won't save well but we will gamble on these and see if they will last.

The freshly boiled eggs were a bit hot but we were all too impatient to wait for them to cool down so we used clumps of play dough to hold the eggs in place while we coloured.
 This is how the finished eggs looked...
 And then we dyed them! I LoVe how the wax leaves a white outline that the dye doesn't touch. It's a beautiful effect.
 Have you tried hot egg painting before? I am so happy we gave it a try this year. If only there was a way to get this effect on blown eggs...hmmm.

I saw this idea for Easter devilled eggs but didn't want to soak the eggs in oodles of food colouring so we made a blueberry and a strawberry purée to see if that would colour the eggs.

We rinsed them off and the blueberry worked nicely but the strawberry was very faint. You can see a slight variation from the two light eggs below from slightly pink and white.
We made them into devilled eggs and had them with our egg sandwiches for lunch. I cut the sandwiches out with an egg shaped cookie cutter and let the girls colour them with our food safe writing markers.

Shhh please don't tell Sierra that there are egg yolks in her devilled eggs or her egg sandwiches because when she eats a hard boiled egg she throws the yolk out. However she LoVes devilled eggs and egg sandwiches...go figure!

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