Friday, April 25, 2014

Got Egg Cartons? Try these egg-cellent ideas

With Easter over and Earth Day still on my mind it's only logical that I am thinking about reusing egg cartons left over from all of our Easter egg making...right?
This weeks Got? Series post is Got Egg cartons? Try these egg-cellent ideas. As with every Got? Series post just click on the picture to be taken to the source of the idea and the full DIY.

I LoVe these flowers with buttons and beads 

A beautiful Spring wreath is top on my list of must do's

Make a checkers game

Helicopters!!! Say what?

I know the perfect little girl who will love this train

I like these ones with beads in the centre too

The muffin liners added are a neat touch on these flowers

Egg cups from egg cartons

These roses are so beautiful it's hard to believe they are made from egg cartons

A very Hungry caterpiller

Make angry birds (scroll to end of post)

Flower garlands...not a full DIY but a basic description

Flower bouquet

These chicks are so cute

A marionette


Goggles...perfect for exploring

Make a treasure box

How about a pirate ship

Be-careful you don't have to walk the plank...
 as you might just find this crocodile waiting in the waters for you

These are super sweet lights

Animal noses

Angel ornament

These fairy headbands and bracelets are adorable and this site has a linky party at the bottom with all kinds of egg carton ideas.

Make a toy camera...this one was covered in felt but it could be done using the whole mini carton and paint.

I love the poppy's on this wreath

Christmas Amaryllis Ornaments 
(in case you want to get ahead start on your Christmas crafting)

This wreath we made for Christmas a few years back

This angry birds game with egg cartons came from a broken pin so I don't know it's source and therefore isn't a DIY but you can figure this one out from the picture. If anyone recognizes this picture please let me know where it came from so I can give proper credit.

So did you save your egg cartons left over from all your Easter egg making? What will you make with them first?

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