Sunday, July 27, 2014

First family flight with Captain Ian aka my husband

Over the last few months we've been playing with the idea of selling our place and moving back to BC or travelling full time.... Or not.

In the meantime we listed the house for sale and my husband enrolled in flight school which has been a dream of his since before I met him 16 years ago.

Well this week he officially became a pilot and we had our first family flight together.

Sierra got to be the co-pilot and to be honest she will probably spend more time in that seat then me as she LOvEs having a turn flying.

Taxing down the runway

We had to borrow headsets for the girls for this trip but have ordered some of their own as later in the summer we will be flying to NS to visit mom and my brother and in Sept to Florida to visit friends and go to Disneyworld. 

This was only Aaylas second flight. Before buying our plane we took the girls up for a practice flight and she was terrified at first but came around about 1/2 way through that flight. This time she was happy the whole trip. We definitely will need a few little trips before making the trek to NS.

Up we went...

We flew towards Wasaga Beach from Collingwood.

And flew over our place on the river.

We saw the sand dunes that we hiked too recently with friends.

We flew back along the beach... This is beach 5 which is a five minute walk from our house.

 Sierra had a little turn flying.

Then we flew over Collingwood trying to find the shipwreck but we didn't see it this time.

The water looked unbelievable blue in places.

And the sun radiating from behind the clouds was beautiful.

Coming in for the landing.

It was a wonderful first flight... First if many.

It still seems so surreal that we own a plane. It ended up being cheaper to do so though to use our own plane as he got his pilot license and goes on to get the rest of his ratings like weather and night flying, then his commercial so he can make a few dollars by getting paid to fly! Plane rentals are expensive and this way in the end we can sell the plane and get money back.

Ian and I also got to have a night away last night. Meadow watched the girls for us and we flew to Toronto for a night out. 

City view from the plane.

Coming in for the landing at Billy Bishop Airport on Toronto Island.

Taxing down the runway to park the plane for the night.

Our Piper Cherokee 140.

As we crossed the ferry to Toronto we saw this ship go by.

We spent the night at a friends house and enjoyed a wonderful datenight together. Thanks Jay and Liz for the use of your apartment and a huge thanks to Meadow for watching the girls while we enjoyed a night out!

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