Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day 2014 and a Canada Flag DIY

For Canada Day this year Aayla made us a Canada Flag to take to the beach with us.

Here is how to make a flag of your own.

Gather your materials.
You will need:
-Red Paint
-White Paper (you could do this on fabric if you used fabric paint)
-Brush and water
-Real Maple Leaf

1) To begin paint a real Maple Leaf with red paint. Make sure to cover every part of the leaf. Aayla painted her leaf ontop of a scrap piece of paper so as to not paint the table when painting right to the tips of the leaf.

2) Turn your painted leaf over and firmly but gently press it onto your piece of white paper (or fabric if you'd prefer).

3) Remove the real leaf to reveal the printed leaf. Paint red strips on the left and right side of the paper.

4) Add your stick. We poked two holes in one side of the flag and then pushed the stick through the holes. If your holes are too big you can secure the stick with some tape on the back. Aayla also painted the stick to help it blend into the flag.

5) Voila! Take your flag outside to a parade, or with you to your local celebration, hang it in your window or just wave it around and have fun.
We took our flag with us on a boat ride to the beach and plunked it in the sand where we spent Canada Day afternoon playing.

Hoping you all had a wonderful Canada Day holiday enjoying family time together.

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