Saturday, July 12, 2014

A quick walk in Springwater Park Provincial Park

I had a couple more photos to finish up for the Nature Scavenger Hunt for Families that I am hosting so we headed out to Springwater Park today to get the last of our photos.

Playing in the stream at Springwater Park
On our walk in we saw this butterfly. He was camera shy though and this is the best picture I could get.
The girls were shocked when they first put their feet in this little stream. It was sooOooo cold! My feet were frozen in a matter of minutes. they still had fun exploring in it and we ended up freezing out feet for about 45 minutes.
I found this poor little bee clinging onto this stick floating in the stream too. I carried him to land so he could dry out his wings, rest and hopefully fly away safe and sound.
 Here he is starting to dry out but still not ready to fly. We left the stream before he flew away but I am hopeful that in a bit of time he would regain some energy and make it home. I wished I had something sweet on me to give him for energy but I had nothing. I did what I could though and hope for the best.

Sierra found this little slug on a log that stretched over the river. When she picked it up it slimed her with an orange stain and she was NOT impressed! No matter how much water and sand rubbing we gave her fingers it would not come off...hopefully the tub tonight will get it all cleaned up.

 Some other wild life I captured near the small waterfall...

Next we headed to the playground for a bit and Sierra found a tree she wanted to climb. However the bark was extremely rough and it wasn't a very pleasant experience...poor girl is having a rough day.

 We walked over to the pond to see the baby ducks.
 Here by the pond I got a wonderful surprise. Can you see what is flying in this picture? It's a Cedar Waxwing and believe it or not I don't think I have ever seen one before.

Not only did I see one but there had to have been at least 12 flying around. I wished I had my other camera with me but with my phone this was the best shot I could get of one at least.
On our way out the girls found a better tree to climb.

 And Aayla discovered this weird hole. I have no idea what lives in here but she bent down down and yelled in, "Is anybody home"? there was no answer and nothing scurried out in a hurry so it remains a mystery.
 Last but not least we saw this thing on the side of a tree which someone told me a Cicada hatched from it. I've certainly never seen a cicada before so it was a neat surprise too. The Cedar Waxwings were the best though and I will need to go back again soon with my other camera and hope they are still around.

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