Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week 3 Nature Scavenger Hunt for Families and my own week 2 entries

I must say this past weeks theme of exploring forest's is one of my favourite places to explore. I love walking along trails, exploring off trail, and photographing all the little details of the forest.

This week we are going to explore ponds. Ponds are one of Sierra's favourite places to explore in. This year she has found many varieties of frogs, turtles, Eastern Newt Efts, many species of eggs (frogs, toads, salamanders). She even found a baby salamander that was only about 1 cm long. How she spotted that swimming still amazes me.

Time for this weeks new challenges. Remember to upload all your photos by July 19th with the hashtag #2014naturehunt and the date your picture is for as well as a description of your picture to help me award points more easily.

July 13th: A frog 5 points (5 bonus points if you can identify it)
July 14th: A duck 5 points (10 bonus points if it is not a mallard duck)
July 15th: A turtle 5 points (5 bonus points if you can get more then one turtle in the same picture)
July 16th: An interesting pond plant (10 bonus points if you tell me why you think this plant is interesting)
July 17th: A dragonfly or Damselfly 10 points (5 bonus points if you can tell me the difference between the two)
July 18th: A swan 10 points (10 bonus points if you get a pair of swans in one picture)
July 19th: A Canoe on a pond (25 bonus points if its a family selfie in the canoe)

Week 3 BONUS: Make a boat out of natural materials and take a picture of it floating in the pond 25 points

Don't forget about the overall bonus's which may be uploaded at any time during the 9 week period:
EXTRA bonus 1: A family portrait with a waterfall 25 points
EXTRA bonus 2: Discover a cave 50 points
EXTRA bonus 3: Make art with natures bounty 25 points
EXTRA bonus 4: Go camping... show us your favourite experience while camping 25 points
EXTRA bonus 5: Explore a hiking trail and share with us some of the wonderful natural things you saw while hiking 50 points
EXTRA bonus 6: Use natural items (rocks, sticks etc) to spell the word for how being in nature makes you feel 25 points
EXTRA bonus 7: A family portrait at either a National Park or a Provincial or State park. Let me know at least one thing you learned while at this park  100 points.

Have fun and enjoy your time exploring the ponds around you. I look forward to seeing all your pictures.

Here are our week 2 pictures:

July 6th: A pine cone growing on a tree. Ours was taking while walking trails through Wasaga Beach Provincial Park

July 7th: A tree with compound leaves. this one I think is a black walnut.

July 8th: A stream with wildlife in it if possible. In order to get a close up of this bee as my photo with wildlife in it I had to crop out the actual stream...but I was happy to help this bee to the safety of the shore so he could dry off and fly away. He was hanging on for dear life when I found him.
The bee was in the same stream as the second picture I'm adding to just show you the stream with my own personal wildlife in it :)

July 9th: A forest animal...we saw this little chipmunk last Sunday as Aayla was picking wild blueberries. He busily scampered around the blueberries stuffing his face as fast as he could...even faster then Aayla!

July 10th: I Love the British Soldier lichen with their red dots
The Pixie Cup lichen are also fun...I can just imagine a group of little fairies sitting down for a tea party.

July 11th: A fern growing in the can see the new spores starting on these ferns as light green dots. By the fall they will be brown in colour.

July 12th: An acorn or chestnut in it's natural surroundings

WEEK 2 BONUS: Climb a tree

We had a great week exploring the forests and hope you did too. Who is ready to head out to the ponds to get on with the 3rd weeks tasks?

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