Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ringing in the New Year

Like every New Years it always starts with Stawberry tequila shots...even the non tequila drinkers LOVE these...they are soooo yummy. Really they are worthy of every occasion, not just New Years :)
 Have to try them out at home of course before we head over to the neighbours.
Lets just say our neighbours loved them too...
Our neighbours son Tyler headed out to a party with friends but not before he steals our dips and runs away with it :)
 There was lots of dancing

 and boxing
and loud music and fun and games were had by all.

 Maybe a few drinks too...

Josh wanted to know what was in the yellow lemon container...LOL a shot of lemon juice is quite shocking!

Wishing we could have been with other friends and family this New Years but hoping you all had a wonderful evening with much happiness and love to last throughout the year.

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