Tuesday, January 14, 2014

10 ways to expand PLAY with our Snowmen Bowling game

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Did you see my post on making a snowmen bowling game? If you missed it you can check it out HERE. The past couple of days the girls have been inventing their own play ideas with them so I thought I'd share their ideas.
1) For bowling of course
2) As a math game by writing numerals on the bottom or front of the snowmen and have children match the correct number of snowballs (mini pom poms from dollar store)
3) Line them up and count them. If all 15 have numerals you could practice skip counting too
4) Build block houses and use the snowmen as the charcters
5) Have a scavenger hunt and hide them around the house so your children can find them
6) Put them in the sink with some snow and ice cubes
7) Allow the children to fill and pour at the same time or do this if you don't have snow
8) Colour the tops of the snowmen different colours and use them as a matching game with colour coordinated pom poms.
9) Just have fun stacking them in crazy forms, shapes, tall as possible
10) Fill with a few beans and secure a mini muffin liner to the top with an elastic for an instant musical instrument
Then have a fun dance party.

All these ideas are simple, and very just need a few pom poms from the dollar store which you already may have on hand.

If you try any of them I'd love to hear which ones your children enjoyed.

Looking for some other snowmen ideas? Check out these great collections by clicking on the photos below. The first one contains my original post from making the snowmen bowling games from a couple years ago (#10).

I missed posting my Project 365.12 which was the first cardinal I've seen here in Wasaga since we moved here.

and for today it's a pair of skates I bought at the thrift store. Another winter activity we have yet to try. I haven't skated since I was knee high to a grass hopper so it should be kind of comical.

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