Friday, January 17, 2014

Got Snow? Try these Snow Ice Cream recipes

I remembered the other day that I purchased one of those ice cream making balls that you roll around at Value Village in the fall and we have never used it. We have had a lot of snow this year already but we will have to wait until the next snowfall as the snow right now isn't very "fresh".

Now I'm thinking about ice cream and found some amazing inspiration on line to make without an ice cream ball. I'm sure the recipes would work in the ball too if they are downsized or at least I hope so because these recipes look yummy! Click the pictures below to take you to the sites with the directions  and recipes

How to make Snow Ice Cream

Chocolate Snow Ice Cream

Strawberry Snow Cream minis

Flavoured Snow Ice Cream with flavoured food colouring

This link shows you how to make your ice cream into a fun creative desert...
Snowman in a jar.

Or  how about making a gift set to make homemade Snow Ice Cream.

And for the adults only:
Amaretto Caramel Snow Ice Cream

Now I can't wait for the next fresh snowfall!

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