Friday, January 10, 2014

Meeting Loki and the Rhonna Designs App

Sissy Meadow got a new puppy...her name is Loki and she is adorable! Both Sierra and Aayla just loved her...but how could you not. Puppies are so cute!
Project 365 entry see HERE for details
But puppies grow into dogs and it won't take long for her to get too big to fit under this coffee table.

Welcome to the family Loki I am sure you will not only grow up, but grow deep into our hearts as well.
Photo edited with Rhonna Designs App
Normally I don't buy apps but I bought my Camera + App  ($1.99) and I use it all the time and love it. My new Rhonna Designs App was $1.99 in iTunes (which I used above in the last Loki picture) is a new favourite and I am so happy that I bought this one and didn't skip over it. It has5 extra add on packs that are .99 cents each but after playing with this app for only a couple of days I think I will invest the extra $4.95 and purchase them all!

I first heard about the Rhonna Designs App in THIS blog post which lists her favourite 15 photo apps. Her post was written before the Rhonna Designs app was created but she linked to it in her post. I need to upgrade to ISO 7 to try out a few other apps listed. In the meantime I need to go play with my new App!

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