Sunday, January 12, 2014

Date night

Do you and your husband or wife or partner still go on date nights? My husband and I used to be in the habit of going on weekly date nights but we haven't been doing that for about a year. You know how it is with kids and responsibilities...we sometimes forget to take time for ourselves. I'm happy to say that today we did! I think it's very important for people to make time for each other amidst our busy lives and it's a habit I hope to get back into even if it's only once a month.

We went out for dinner at a local restaurant called Barcelos in Wasaga Beach. We have been talking about going for ages as it is very close to our house so it was good to finally go. It's Portuguese food and a bit pricey but heir food was great, the ambiance of the restaurant was wonderful and we enjoyed our dinner out very much.

We did a quick google search for pool halls in Collingwood and decided to give Mogul's a try.

Sorry about picture quality...dim lit bars don't exactly make for the best iPhone pictures.

We had the place to ourselves basically for the first hour and then people started to wander in around 8:30. I have played pool once or twice before but I am no better now than I was then.

We played for about 2 hours before moving on to try our hands at darts. Google kindly directed us to a place called Admiral's Post Pub. It was a nicer pub type bar for sure. The bartender  was really nice and easy to talk with. We told him we were fairly new to the area and he suggested some other places to try next time for both pool and darts.

 We played 3 games which might only take some people a short period of time, it took us over an hour! If only you didn't need to double out!!!

I did however sore the best total of the night with a one hundred and E I G H T Y and won the best 2 out of 3; had to make up for being pretty much skunked at pool!
I'm still in shock over that but I did it...once anyway. It was the perfect photo for today's Project 365.

Sometimes thinking of things to do for date night can be hard so I found these links to have a look at for next time...maybe one of these will inspire you to have your own Date night soon! Just click on the picture and have a look...I've only had a quick look at them. Some ideas look fun and others aren't for us but I'm sure everyone can find an idea or two on them to try.

100+ Great Date Night Ideas:
 42 date night ideas for the date night challenged

And if you want to stay at home and have a date night after the kids are in bed here's a link to a few fun games for two:

So do you regularly have date nights right now or will you be having your first one again soon?

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