Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We hope you all had a Happy Easter

Our weekend flew by! Before Easter we were busy making our gifts, then we had Easter dinner at our place on Sunday afternoon and today has been one of those lazy days.

Here's a few of our Easter pics:

Mom's gift-the needle felted duckie in an egg cart
Needle felted "when pigs fly" for Meadow
Sierra making her Easter gifts-she added collage materials to clear contact paper which I precut in an egg shape. After she added some glitter, we stuck another piece ontop of it, pressed it together and cut it out. We hung them in the window until family took them home after Easter dinner
Some Easter goodies by mamakopp and Jalu Toys which all made it into their wet felted eggs and into the girls baskets.
The girls opening their baskets
She hasn't even bitten the chocolate bunny and you can see the sugar glaze over her eyes already!
Aayla playing with the egg rattle I felted for her. (To be honest, she liked the plastic eggs the best! Go figure!)
Aayla feeding her bunny a carrot. I have some wooden carrots on the way from mamaroots but they didn't get odered in time to arrive for Easter.
Sierra hunting for Easter Eggs. She got her own basket this year. I simply made it by wrapping the edge of a thrifted basket with ribbon, and sewed together a cute flower in daffodil colours for each side. This year Aayla used Meadow basket I painted her when she was little. Next year Aayla will be old enough for an egg hunt and she'll get her own basket then.
Finding an egg in her flowers. This was one of the only pics with some expression when finding the eggs. usually I was behind her!
Aayla got into Sierras basket of chocolates when no one was looking! She doesn't know she is caught yet, and is trying to get yet another egg!
And then Aayla topped off her day with her very first jello. I think she had more fun playing in it then eating it. Isn't she a cutie!
And that's how we spent our Easter weekend. I hope you all had a wonderful celebration with your families too!