Saturday, April 11, 2009

In search of frogs...

We set out this am for Cresent Park to see if we could find some frogs. We were hoping to find a few frog eggs so we could watch them grow into frogs to expand our play with our life cycle set and frog book on our nature table. We saw two big bullfrogs but that was it. It is still early here and cold. I have no idea when frogs lay there eggs, but we thought we'd go try anyway. Despite not finding frog eggs we saw and heard many plants and animals, and we were so happy to have daddy join us today. His course is almost done...Yippeeee!

We heard.... the bullfrogs Gadunk,
the sapsuckers tapping at the trees,
many bird songs including the whoo whoo of an owl (which I tried desperately to find but no such luck),
the quaks of the ducks,
the buzz of the bees,
and the laughter of lots of children playing near by.

We saw.... 2 bull frogs

Many ducks...all Mallards

Ducks are always Aayla's favourite part of any trip

Salmon Berry blooms

A slug and an empty snail home

A few groupings of Trillium's. (Sierra said, "I give some little pinecones cause they're my "faborite" ones!")

A fairy hotel (or as Sierra said, "one for lots and lots of fairies")

A mini waterfall which Sierra and Daddy had fun racing pinecones down

A fort someone made from fallen branches

And a beautiful Robin!
Spring is definietly on it's way!

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  1. I am loving that Sierra put the pinecones on the Trillium. That is the sweetest thing.


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