Sunday, April 19, 2009

100 Species Challenge, Rules, Entries #1,2,3,4, and 5

We are joining the 100 Species Challenge!
The Rules are as follows:

1. Participants should include a copy of these rules and a link to this entry in their initial blog post about the challenge.

2. Participants should keep a list of all plant species they can name, either by common or scientific name, that are living within walking distance of the participant's home. The list should be numbered, and should appear in every blog entry about the challenge, or in a sidebar.

3. Participants are encouraged to give detailed information about the plants they can name in the first post in which that plant appears.

4. Participants are encouraged to make it possible for visitors to their blog to find easily all 100-Species-Challenge blog posts.

5. Participants may post pictures of plants they are unable to identify, or are unable to identify with precision. They should not include these plants in the numbered list until they are able to identify it with relative precision. Each participant shall determine the level of precision that is acceptable to her; however, being able to distinguish between plants that have different common names should be a bare minimum.

6. Different varieties of the same species shall not count as different entries (e.g., Celebrity Tomato and Roma Tomato should not be separate entries); however, different species which share a common name be separate if the participant is able to distinguish between them (e.g.,
camillia japonica and camillia sassanqua if the participant can distinguish the two--"camillia" if not).

7. Participants may take as long as they like to complete the challenge.

We however will be expanding our search to include our park visits and nature walks. This will allow us to see more native plants and will be more eciting then walking around our neighbourhood over and over again in search of plants. We see so many great species on our walks and I'd like to share some with you as well as challenge myself to acrually find something out about the plants we see which I have no idea what they are!

In my original posts I will add what I know... and will edit the posts with what I have learned as I find out more about the plants I post. These edited posts will be in italics.

Entry #1: (and my inspiration to join this challenge) Small Purple Flowers
What I know: These little flowers brought back memories from my childhood of being a cushion to land on when jumping off our grandparents swing, their small and purple....I don't know a lot!

What I have learned:

Entry #2 Trilliums

What I know: These are called Trilliums, they are fragile, delicate, hard to find, have 3 petals and 3 leaves, are red in NS as well as white-here in BC I have only seen white, grow in wooded areas.

What I have learned: These are called Western Trilliums or Wake Robin (Trillium ovatum) These are one of the earliest spring flowers in Southern BC, their blooms turn purplish with age and blooms from March to May.

Entry #3 Fern

What I know: These ferns grow on the side of trees usually with moss

What I learned: Licorice Fern (Polypodium glycyrrhiza) Are often found on bigleaf maple trees, but also grow on logs, rocks and wet mossy ground. This ferns whitish rhizome (kind of root like stem) tastes like licorice. First Nations people used this for colds and sore throats as well as sweetner for foods, medicine or just chewed on them for a bit of flavour.

Entry #4: Salmonberry

What I know: Similar to blackberries, have pink flowers and edible fruit

What I learned: (Rubus spectabilis) Common as shrub, blooms April to May

Entry #5 Unknown

What I know: has pink cluster flowers. I think it might be a currant?? Leaves resemble raspberries I think?

What I learned:

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  1. THis is fascianting! We have our hands so full right now, but I really want to do this. I love your blog so much. It's a wealth of information!


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