Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shop update

I recently purchased a green play silk that I had been putting off buying in hopes of finding white scarves to make my own. Then after purchasing it, I found a place locally that sold white silks, so I bought a few to try out with our natural dyes left over from our egg dying. We made a bunch.

Some of the new colours we are keeping, and some are in the shop. I figured with the name Imagination Station, what better item to have in the shop. Playsilks are the best! They can be a cape, a sling, a crown, used for dancing, easily packed up for a car trip and brought out anywhere. They are asy to use, all you need is your child's imagination, and the possibilities are endless! I have a few more to add to the shop too in the next day or two. It was hard to get individual photos that show the colours accurately, so they are all group photos. Each one of the scarves will be photo'd and posted, for quick mailing abilities.

My personal favourite is the charcoal grey play silk. I think it would be perfect for all those dragon slaying knights out there!

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