Sunday, April 19, 2009

Derby Reach Park Walk

Today as the sun shone, it called us out to play. We went to Derby Reach Park in Langley.

Mom was in search of a place to take the photos of her gnomes for her Etsy shop she will be opening soon. Here is the one I received for my birthday. I just love him.

We think we found a great spot and in the next couple of weeks we will get back there to take the photos of the whole gnome family. Mom is just finishing up her little girls.

While walking I came across these little purple flowers.

I am not sure what they are called which is why I have decided to join the 100 Species Challenge. I will be tagging all blog entries related to this challengs as "100 species challenge" to keep track of all my entries. The first entry will be my next post and will have all the rules as well. I look forward to finding out more about the native plant life.

I will be changing my challenge a bit to extend the circumference of the search from 1 mile, to all the neighbourhood parks and walks we go on. (I do hope this is OK to do...for me I want to join to be held accountable for all those plants I don't know what they are, to actually go and find out!) I also think this is a great way to share with Sierra and the world; some local, native plants as well as some others which may not be so native....but will be really pretty, or at least, will help me solve a puzzle as to what they are.

Back to my purple flowers...These flowers remind me of my grandparents house when I was little. We had a old swing between a couple of trees and these little purple guys used to cover the ground where we jumped off the swings, flying through the air, to land in a bed of them.

On our walk we found this great old hollow tree. I love all the Licorice Ferns growing on it.

Sierra thought it was the greatest. She found a back entrance and a "secret seat" out back. She was so cute to watch playing in and around it; using her fantastic imagination, making up little stories as she played. Aayla was right in there with fresh dirt to play in too!

(Sorry about the quality of some of the photos as my little point and shoot failed me a bit. My battery was dying on my Rebel and I think they are cute enough and show a memory which I'd like to share)

Can you spot Sierra? She's sitting on her secret seat!
Aayla has become a walking machine! She still needs the aide of a hand or just about anything she can use to hold on and she'll walk for miles...literally!

While walking we had a special treat. A little chickadee darted out of this nest
And watched us from a branch for a bit.
When we didn't leave he flew over to his nest again, popped inside and back out again in a flash to lead us away I surmize, as he flew out of sight this time.
I thought it was quite special to find him in his home.

Some other pictures from our walk....Little Robin Red breast
Some fungi

Some pink flowers which I think are currants (check out the next post coming soon about our 100 species challenge)
A little or rather, a pretty big black bug
An abandoned nest
Wild bleeding hearts
This trail borders the Fraser River and had little pebbly beaches. Sierra didn't want to get close to the water but she loved the rocks and found a little lady bug.
And to end the day....I even got a cute smiley photo of Sierra. A rarity these days!
So happy that Spring is arriving, and bringing warm weather, sunshine and family times with her! Thank you Mother Nature for all the beauty you bring to us, when we stand still enough to stop, look and listen.

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