Saturday, January 22, 2011

the year ahead

The new year brings with it thoughts about resolutions...what is it I want to achieve this year? or with my life?

Most importantly I want to spend quality time with my family. It has been a long couple of years! Selling off our business was our first step to achieving this. However with closing of the businesses it leaves me with left over stock from the store piling up ever inch of our garage and then resources I kept from selling the daycare lining all of my halls and spare areas. You think I am kidding?

This is my living room...sales till and computers for me to finish the inventory at the store so I can get it on a website, so I can sell it and get my garage back!
The top of my stairs where the daycare resources...well some of them are stored...
Our spare bathroom...stored to the ceiling with stuff from the daycare...
So my next resolution...claiming my house back! Especially mt spare room which is my craft room. It's so piled up I am too embarrassed to post a picture of! I've signed up for 2 courses which brings me to my next resolution...

Finding time for me! My life as many of yours is lived for our husbands/partners, or for our kids, or just helping out the neighbour. We are generous, caring and kind and we want to help others but we forget to take care of ourselves. My giving nature is part of why childcare has always been so important to me and my love of helping and teaching others.

When I have time I love to craft, to create; maybe it's a painting, or a drawing, or a scrapbook page, or making a card, or reading...these are things I love, but also things in which have been neglected in the past couple of years as I play wife and mother. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE my husband and my kids, my family and I am not meaning to complain but as I spend so much time caring for, helping them, I feel like I have lost a piece of me. I never have time to craft, or to read, to create, to bake...I want some of those simple pleasures back for I selfish? I don't think so I thinks it is necessary to be totally happy and healthy. I love my life...I am happy but I think one can obtain a higher happiness.

My thoughts of taking time for me led me to join a course called Inside Out found HERE. (registration is now closed but she will do another one I am sure). It started on Jan 17th and luckily it's a daily work as you can type course because today is Jan 24th...I am a week behind as I have logged in to view the work briefly in a spare minute here or a spare minute there but have yet to open my journal and begin. (part of that is because I bought a journal and it is buried in my craft room and I haven't wanted to "waste" the money on a new journal for "myself" since there is a perfectly good one sitting somewhere in the disaster I call a craft room! Perhaps I should bite the bullet and buy a new journal, and stop procrastinating and using that as an excuse...make the time for me!!!)

The other is Crafting my Life click HERE (again registration is closed and this is her first course but I am sure she will also do this again) from a fellow local blogger Amber of

I have paid for both courses for a reason...they interest me, they are supposed to force me to take the time for me and find out what is so important to me to actually be ME! Now I need to allow myself to take the time for myself and actually complete the courses!

My last is to live a simpler life. We get caught up in the rat race and forget to slow down and appreciate all the little things we take for mud puddles and rainbows, and spring plants bursting out of the ground with new life. We get caught up in all the "things" we think we need...and I am guilty of that too but I also see the beauty in handmade gifts, homemade bread, and a home cooked meal, a walk through the forest, all the natural wonders around us.

I think back to my own childhood and remember hour upon hour of exploring the forest and creek behind our rural Nova Scotia home, of my mom working in a huge garden to grow and prepare food to preserve to last all winter. I think these are the building blocks which lead to a simpler life...a life lit by candles not with lights left on in every room even when you aren't in them, where kids roam the wilderness, not watch it on TV, where you make something you need to wear, not run to the store and buy one, where you grow your own food and appreciate the meal so much more, then filing a fridge with excess amounts of groceries which just spoil because you end up eating out.

Here's to 2011, may you all find peace and happiness and may I get my cleaning and organizing done so I can have more quality time with our family, and yet still enough time for me to focus on who I am and what I want to be...and in doing that I believe I will then have my simpler life.