Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's kept us busy???

With selling our businesses and now staying home, everyone asks me how I am enjoying all the free time! HA!!!! I haven't had a moment to spare. We are still trying to find our groove and with the hustle and bustle of Christmas there certainly wasn't much relaxing.

What's kept us busy?

Baking cookies:
Decorating and Eating Cookies:
Christmas Concerts:
Siblings with Santa...can you believe this is the first picture of all 3 of my girls with Santa!!!!:
Garland making:

Making Gingerbread Houses:

Enjoying Christmas Morning with Family:
(Sierras all time favourite princess...Ariel)

(Aayla so excited to receive her now Dora books and wooden Dora and Boots by Mamakopp)

(Enjoying a new book with Sissy Meadow-above, and Sierra snuggling with Grammy Sue -below)
(Aayla -pictured here with Sissy Meadows boyfriend Andrew, goes to speech therapy weekly and one of her tasks is to learn to blow on command. When I saw this Thomas whistle I knew it would be the perfect thing to help us with this task ...she is a Thomas fan for sure and loves to toot her train whistle!)

(Daddy is the main cook in our house and he is always asking for a bigger metal bowl then my Pyrex bowls so he was quite happy with his new bowl)
(Stable and horses above by Jalutoys, treefort below by Manzanitakids)

The girls learning we are about to hop on a plane and head to DISNEYLAND!!!!

From all of us...Hoping you enjoyed your Christmas season celebrating together however you celebrate, enjoying time as a family :)

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  1. Disneyland? So exciting! I hope you all have a GREAT time. :)


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