Wednesday, December 1, 2010

advent calendars!!!!

I had high hopes of creating a wonderful advent calendar for my girls this year but once again the time has snuck by and it is December 1st already. I have big plans for the one I want to make and most of the supplies to do it...perhaps I'll make it a New Years Resolution to actually make it next year.

I just came across THIS IDEA and it is so amazing!!! It will be easy to put together and has such a wonderful family time feel to it which is what Christmas is all about for me. Time to slow down, bake and make gifts, spend time together preparing for the holidays and this little advent calendar will be the perfect addition for us...even if I make it tonight and it is a day late; that just means twice the fun tomorrow :)

Here are some other great advent ideas if you haven't made your yet or you want to get the jump on next year now...or even if you are like me and just a little behind the game :)

If you have an abunence of toilet paper rolls around your house you would still have time for one of these by Maya Made.

Are you a scrapbooker? Want to put some supplies to use? Try THIS ONE or THIS ONE from an old Starbucks tree I think and another one HERE and HERE.

Do you sew? Try THIS ONE or this IDEA and change the gifts for kids of course :) HERE is one that even I could sew and this cute MITTEN one too, and one made with little SACKS just like Santa brings his gifts in :) This BIRDIE one is so "tweet"

If you want something REALLY SIMPLE try this ONE

Prefer to make them with your kids? Try a Bubble Wrap Calendar or THIS ONE or make a SANTA ONE Kids can make THIS ONE from RECYCLABLES

This one is great if you have more then one child to help make it ot it will keep your one child busy for a LONG time :)

And you can't forget the tried and true Paper Chains

What one will you make or do you have one already?

Off I go to get started before rest time is over! Thank goodness I happen to have an abundance of matchboxes waiting for the perfect activity to come along!

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