Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Finds and First Snow

Remember these?
This is a reproduction of the one I remember as a child as it was made in 1988. We picked this up yesterday just in time for Friday finds :) It's been a busy week so we haven't had much time to thrift :( but I can't wait to get some peanuts and give it a try. It's soaking in the sink to remove all the bits of peanuts still on it. We will be sure to post how our peanut butter turns out after we give it a try.

As well yesterday we got our first snow of the season. Here in the Vancouver this is strange although we have had our fair share the past few years. I love the snow, I just don't like the cold that comes along with it, but pretty, big, falling flakes are lots of fun and of course so is making snowangels and building snowmen.

OOppps...Sierra tried to put her snowball on for the head all by herself and it dropped on her and went down her jacket...that was the end of her fun... she wanted to go in and get off all the "cold, itchy, scratchy stuff off"!
Our snowman, sporting a camouflage of leaves, with eyes and mouth of Black Eyed Susan Seeds and a Lavender stalk for his nose as we were ill prepared for the proper snowman making rocks and carrot nose :) Hope you are having fun in the snow!

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  1. We have very mixed reactions to the snow in our house. My kids LOVE it. Me? Not so much. So I was disappointed yesterday, and they were gleeful. Today, as it melts, the kids are disappointed and I am gleeful.

    As long as someone's gleeful, right?


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