Monday, May 7, 2012

Butterflies galore

We have moved to an RV park near Alliston where we will stay until the end of May. It's very quiet here as the season is just beginning so we basically have the park to ourselves.

Today we awoke to a wonderful surprise... Butterflies galore!

My mom told me a week or so ago she heard on the news in BC that there were high numbers of these little flutterbys in High Park in Toronto. When I googled it all the info I could find was a week old so I didn't want to go chasing them in case they weren't there anymore. I am glad we didn't as they came to us! I wouldn't say there were hundreds of them but there were many, many, butterflies fluttering all around.

Resting on dandelions and posing for pictures.

It didn't take Sierra long to grab a net and try and try and try to catch the butterflies.
And then of course Aayla wants to try too :)

Sierra did manage to catch a bee.

She didn't give up on catching a butterfly but was getting disappointed that she hadn't caught one yet. She was about to give up when she finally caught one!

She was so excited and studied it for quite awhile.

She got out the butterfly book I got at Value Village just before we left BC (it's a great book).

and flipped through the pages trying to find what she caught. She discovered they were Red Admirals. Then ran out trying to catch more. No more luck but she certainly had fun trying.

 Aayla had fun walking around studying the book as well.
All in all we had a great day in our own private butterfly garden.