Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fishing with family

We chose to make Ontario home for many reasons. This past weekends fishing trip took care of three of, lakes and fishing!

Sierra with her first catch of the day
We heard there was a Perch festival in Orillia until May 12th so we headed there Friday night. We stayed at the Orillia Walmart parking lot so we could be up early to go rent the boats. We had to rent 2 boats as the only other boat that could accommodate all of us was way more money then we wanted to spend. The Blue Beacon Marina for boat rentals was great. They are fast, friendly and their service was amazing. The boats were loaded in and out of the water in a speedy manor and the staff were all like a hive a bees busily preparing the boats (and cleaning them upon return).

Time to head out and try our luck at Perch fishing.
Sierra and Charlie ready to cast off and get the fishing trip started
 Aayla was so excited to be going fishing. So much so that even though we woke them at 5:15am to go fishing and she was so tired still her first word was "fishing"!!!
Aayla hoping daddy will let her drive the boat. 
Daddy happy to be fishing :)

Mark, Lucas and Cameron

Mark and the boys...Charlie came with us :)

Sierra with her first cast

Aayla with her first cast

Charlie with her first cast

Everyone having fun fishing

Mark with the first catch of the day
Cameron with his first catch of the day...I missed Lucas's :(
Sierra became quite a good little fishermen and was reeling them in like crazy!

Sierra even trying to put a worm on the hook

Daddy caught some too
 Even though Aayla was so excited...her excitement only lasted about 1 1/2 hours and then we headed back to shore. Aayla and me went to Value Village of course while everyone else continued their wonderful day of fishing!

All in all...everyone had a great day. Fun being out with family and having cousins for the girls to be with. One thing today proved though...we want a with a little bit of a cabin for Aayla to snuggle up in when she's had enough! Time to keep our eyes open for a deal before summer arrives. Looking forward to sunny summer days where we can go out in the boat, jump in to swim and cool off. In BC our lakes are all glacier fed and way to cold for me. Here I am told they are much warmer and swim-able...looking forward to that!

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