Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A week of firsts

This week Aayla went back to daycare for the first time in almost 5 months.
Aayla so proud to be going back to daycare on her first day back.

Armed with Snookie her bunny and her lunch box
 she was ready to get back to her friends.
Sierra had a couple firsts...
Sierra on her first day of kindergarten...we stayed all of
5 minutes so not really her first "day" of school
So Sierra got two first days at school. After her first 5 minute day she got to go for 2 hours and was sooOOOooo excited.
Walking to school

Running ahead so as to not be late

Almost there

Waiting outside the classroom on her first real day of school

Aayla joins her :)
We have decided that after we sell the house and are on the road we will homeschool but for now Sierra really wants to go to school and so far is really enjoying it.

Today we had our first meeting with the teacher. It was a scheduled meeting where everyone goes in to spend 15 minutes meeting the teacher and sharing any concerns etc.

Today I had my first "oh my are we doing the right thing by sending her to school"? I mean most everybody sends their kids to school. It is the norm...we have been struggling with the decision to send her to school or to start homeschooling now.

Today after 1 week of school I had my first wonder as to if we made the right decision to send her even though she wants to go. Why did I feel this? Well it's a small thing which in my mind has snowballed. I am fixating on a problem which really shouldn't be a problem. We have been "told" to pay $40 for school supplies for the year. No problem right? Well it is for me. I have a problem with being "told" I have to pay it and can't send in our own supplies. It's $40...not a big deal but I have a foyer full of school supplies we are trying to sell left over from the store and it doesn't make sense to me to pay to buy more when I have all kinds of supplies just sitting here.

Her teacher explained that if I really had a problem with sending in the money I could exchange certain things like perhaps the crayons and markers but everything else I would have to buy from her or else go out and make sure I have the same brand and colour as her list as she needs everything colour coordinated.

Inside I am fumming. On principle I don't think we should be forced to pay for supplies we don't need just because she wants everything to be colour coordinated. I feel really bad that this first meeting has left me feeling bitter. Am I just being ridiculous? Am I looking for an excuse to not send her? Or is she being ridiculous in needing everyone to have the same brand and colour of scissors? When did colour coordination become part of education??? I don't get it.

Then she goes on to tell us that the Edu pac cost $33 and the extra $7 is going to be used towards feathers or googly eyes etc that they will use throughout the year so if I don't buy the $40 supplies I will be asked to bring in 3 red feathers, 12 googly eyes etc??? Come on now. I said I had no problem paying the extra $7 for that as I didn't want Sierra singled out as there it is...I don't want her singled out as different...I don't want her teacher holding a grudge against me and then taking it out on Sierra so I'll pay the $40...but I don't agree with not being given a choice and I will write a letter accompanying my payment saying so. I'll hold the grudge but I know Sierras best interests are at hand this way. She will have enough of her own difficulties in school and won't need me complicating the matter for her. I believe we will all need to work as a team to get Sierra support in class that she will eventually need when her honeymoon period wares off and our spirited Sierra shows herself to them.

So after this first week of school all I can do is hope that we made the right choice in sending her...this choice is one I might not learn the answer to for we'll wait and see and hope...