Thursday, September 1, 2011

Home for now

I had planned on updating this blog more while away on our trip but it just didn't work out as we were just having too much fun! You can hop on over to our other blog Operation Explorations and read about all our travels this past 4 months.

Recently I made a commitment to living a year of choice and I am so happy with all the choices we are making so far. We chose to sell our business last fall, we chose to take 4 months to travel and see how we liked life on the road, we chose a rough schedule for our maiden voyage and loved every minute of our travels. We have now chosen to sell everything so we can travel more, buy land and live a life of winter travelling. After we build our Earthship we will still have a "home" to return to.

We have now returned home from our Maiden Voyage and are now undergoing a huge sort out of things and deciding what to keep as most everything will be sold off, including the house in the Spring, as we pack up and head on a new journey. It's a huge undertaking but it feels so good to sell off "things" we really don't need. Things...things that really don't bring us happiness. It's funny that we spent years working to have money to buy "things" and now all we really want is a simpler life and fewer "things". We are so looking forward to getting back to the basics and leaving the rat race we have been caught up in for the past 20 years behind. I look forward to what lies ahead; to the journey through the rest of our lives.

In between sorting out of things we managed to get out and collect some blackberries.
Aayla picking blackberries...yep spiderman slippers
 and a tutu that's how we roll at our house :)

A few berries actually make it into the basket

Sierra points out to be careful of the prickles

Our beautiful blackberries...not quite a full basket
 but just enough for...

5 bottles of yummy blackberry jam :)

Here's to many more homemade bottles of jam and to simple the pleasures in life. Life is precious. Life is short...enjoy it while you can :)