Saturday, November 23, 2013

Collingwood, Ontario Christmas Parade 2013

We headed to Collingwood tonight (despite the cold spell we have right now) as they were having their annual Santa Claus parade in the evening instead of the afternoon.

By the time the girls got all bundled up in their snowsuits and we drove to Collingwood we arrived with just enough time to see the last few minutes of the Ballet dancers performing pieces of the Nutcracker in the stores windows.
 Can you tell by Aayla's nose that they are already frozen after about 10 minutes??? They wanted to sit in the truck and watch the parade...
Even after arriving very close to parade start time we managed to get a spot which was right in front of the parade route so they girls were able to sit there and watch from the warmth of the truck. Really they were having their own little party in there as I froze my behind off determined to watch the parade :)

It was a night time parade so the town was all lit up.
Lots of people awaiting the parade
Most of the floats were lit up...some more then others...


The marching bands had to have been frozen! Everyone else who was all bundled up looked cold enough.
And last but not least Santa arrived...To wish everyone a Very Merry beginning to their holiday season!

Other than the bad photos, the freezing cold temperature and having to watch the parade was a fun parade.

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