Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

We really didn't get into the spirit of Halloween very much this year. With us in Jamaica for 10 days and the girls visiting Nova Scotia with their big sister for close to two weeks we barely had time to finish the costumes!
Aayla was Strawberry Shortcake. She decided to be her before her birthday (click HERE if you missed the birthday post) so making this costume got double use :) To make it I used a white shirt and cut out and sewed on the felt pieces. The skirt was originally white with red dots but a simple food colouring bath made it the perfect pink colour. I found a pair of green pants at the thrift store and sewed on some ribbon stripes. The ribbon should have been thicker but it worked ok.
 Sierras costume was a little more (actually a lot more) time consuming. We found a ladies white dress at Value Village as well as the skeleton costume. I cut and tucked and hand-sewed a masterpiece with the help of some lace and spray paint. It was fun to make but did take a lot of time. When Sierra decided she wanted to be The Corps bride I remembered seeing this blogpost on someones pinterest board and I loosely followed the directions HERE to make Sierra's dress.
We didn't get a wig as we couldn't find the right colour blue...or so Sierra says (the wig pics in the post mentioned above were really super cute). Instead we used a headband with hair on it that was the colour Sierra was looking for. I made her a headpiece and flower bouquet to match with ribbon and lace I had in my crafty stash :)

I was a pirate which Sierra was kind enough to tell me I was a pirate before so why was I a pirate again??? I only have so many costumes to go around...

Ian made a new costume for himself this year. We aren't sure what to call it exactly... some post apocalyptic idea but it turned out great and got a lot of attention while trick or treating :)
A family shot in the back yard before we head to a friends Halloween party.
One of our homeschool friends had a little party. We were a bit late getting there and missed most of the activities but the girls really liked playing bocchi with gords.
Their next favourite thing to do at the farm is maul poor Vader. He takes it so well!
However this time Vader got spooked by a visiting dog and Sierra got quite a few scratches...and we had to leave the party early to go calm her down. She was quite shocked that Vader would "attack" her like that and it took some convincing that Vader was just scared of the dog and tried to get away as fast as he could. We will see how quick she runs to pick him up the next time we visit the farm. She is fine now and the scratches weren't too bad but after she saw the blood it was game over.

We made plans to go trick or treating with Matthias and Linda so we headed to their house for 6:00 as on our street last year we were told "you must be new here as we don't do trick or treating here anymore"! We saw Matthias for a blink of an eye and then he was off! Off like a streak of lightning and there was no holding him back. 
Our neighbours met up with us and we had a great time trick or treating together...running into Matthias every once in awhile :)

Tina and Steve both dressed up too. There were a few parents dressed up but we were definietly out numbered by none dressed up parents. We had one lady come out of her house and give us all treats as she was so happy to see a whole family dressed up together (Below is Tina and our pics in the dark are terrible...sorry)
We found one house that was amazingly decorated. The girls were scared at first as there were "walkers" or Zombies walking around their decorated yard. Kodey stopped in her tracks on the way to the door to get treats. She was petrified so the people stopped and talked with her and then everyone was much more at ease while approaching the house for treats.
There was also a haunted back yard where zombies jumped out at you as you went through the corn maze they made in the back yard. Everyone below is gaining confidence to go through the haunted back yard.
Tina and I went last...holding hands and screaming as zombies jump out at us. They did an awesome job!!! And now the wheels are turning...hmmm how can Steve and Ian make a haunted house and draw people to our barren street on Halloween next year???

Hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween!