Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potatoe and Shamrock print tutorial

Tonight Sierra wanted to paint and St Patrick's Day is just around the corner but it was nearing bedtime so I thought we'd make Shamrock prints because they are quick and easy :)

All you need is some paint in varying shades of green, and a pepper (green would be better but this red one was getting past it's prime so we used it), a knife to cut it in half (adult use only) and some paper to print on.

Of course Aayla has to get her hands in does the saying go? If they don't get dirty then they aren't having enough fun? My girls must have lots of fun because they are always dirty!

After getting all washed up we read Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potatoe because I couldn't wait until St Patrick's Day to break out the wonderful wooden figures to go with the story.

Jamie and the leprechaun where made by the ever talented Lorilee of Mamakopp on Etsy and the girl Eileen was made by Jalutoys on etsy. Two of my favourite etsy shops for sure!

Using these wooden toys and a few simple props we had on hand like a green playsilk, brownish scarf, a wooded pot filled with golden wool roving and of course a big potatoe we had everything we needed for a magical bedtime story.

After I read the story once with the props the girls were both eager to jump in and have a turn retelling the story with their own little spins :)

Sierra studying the pages before she has her turn telling the story.
in Sierras version the potatoe rolls out of the ground and lands, ``kerplop...right in the bed of lazy Jamie!``

Aayla had more fun with the scarves :)
Sierra so proud of the story she told
Such fun for awhile until the tiredness sets in and the grouchy non sharers arrived...then it was off to bed...night night Jamie O`Rourke!

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