Saturday, March 5, 2011

Paint Chip Craft Fun Tutorials

I am stating to think about simple, compact activities to take on the road with us when we go on our trip this spring/summer all over the US and Canada. (to follow our travels starting in April and read about our preparations follow my other blog at Operation Explorations-click here)

After seeing this post at Dandee I was planning on making one of her miniature memory games for the girls on the trip but then I had an idea...what if you used paint chips instead?

Which led me to making an even simpler matching game.

All I did for this was take a 1 1/2 in square paper punch and made 16 pairs of different shades of coloured paint chips. I used a wavy edge square so the corners wouldn't be so sharp. If you don't have any punches you could simply cut the rectangles off of the paint sample.

Then I stored them in a small container that scrapbook embellishments came in which I had been saving for who knows how long, waiting for the perfect something to come along. All you need to do is line them up in rows with the colour facing down and try to find a pair.

Since Aayla loves matching games and she needs to work on small motor skills I also made a matching game from clothespins.

For this just punch out a shape again and then with the same colour paint chip, cut off a strip, glue it to a clothespin and store in a container.

To play Aayla will have to find the clothespin colour that matches the square and clip it on. Voila! It is easy and cheap to make as it cost me about .25cents worth of clothespins.

With the scrap peices when you make these...don't throw them out! Put them in an envelope and when you need a few minutes while making supper, pull them out, hand over some paper punches and a glue stick and you might be amazed as to what they can create!
I also found THIS idea at Elegant Muslings which uses just a hole punch so if you don't have any shaped punches this would be easy to do. I will be making an activity bag for the trip with paint chips, a hole punch and glue as well as one with punches. Two similar, but yet with their own creative endings.

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