Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week 8 and 9 Nature Scavenger Hunt for Families...

I really, really, really hope everyone participating in the nature scavenger hunt for families got out way more then we did this week. We spent our free time planning and preparing for our first long distance family flight to be disappointed with storms which prevented us from going to NS as planned. It rained here most of the week and even though we spent some time outside around the house I don't count that as being out in nature. We failed...we were not out in nature at all this week and I don't have even one picture to show you this week. I feel like I have let everyone down but that's just the way this week has been unfortunately.

Did you enjoy exploring and looking for your tasks this week? Did you manage to accomplish them all or were you busy with other bits and pieces of life like we were? This week is really the last 2 weeks combined and should be a bit of a challenge...are you ready? It's time to go on an alphabet hunt. Each day you will be given certain letters and you need to find items that start with that letter for ex R=Rock simple right? the challenge will be finding a natural item for EACH letter of the alphabet to get 200 bonus points!

Remember to upload all your photos by Aug 31st with the hashtag #2014naturehunt and the date your picture is for as well as a description of your picture to help me award points more easily.

Daily bonus points will be for finding a letter in nature that is a ex finding a stick shaped like a Y. Each natural item that is the shape of a letter will get you 5 bonus points. Please upload only one picture per letter and make sure that a long with the regular hash tags you describe your photo as Letter A=Acorn etc. REMEMBER natural items you find in nature...not at the zoo etc.

Aug 18th: A & B 10 points each
Aug 19th: C & D 10 points each
Aug 20th: E & F 10 points each
Aug 21st: G & H 
10 points each
Aug 22nd: I & J   20 points each
Aug 23rd: K & L  10 points each
Aug 24th: M & N
10 points each

Aug 25th: O & P  20 points each
Aug 26th: Q & R  20 points each
Aug 27th: S & T  10 points each
Aug 28th: U & V  20 points each
Aug 29th: W & X  20 points each
Aug 30th: Y & Z  30 points each
Aug 31st: Take a family photo in your favourite place to go in nature. 

WEEK8&9BONUS: Complete the whole alphabet and receive 200 bonus points!!!

Don't forget about the overall bonus's which may be uploaded at any time during the 9 week period:
EXTRA bonus 1: A family portrait with a waterfall 25 points
EXTRA bonus 2: Discover a cave 50 points
EXTRA bonus 3: Make art with natures bounty 25 points
EXTRA bonus 4: Go camping... show us your favourite experience while camping 25 points
EXTRA bonus 5: Explore a hiking trail and share with us some of the wonderful natural things you saw while hiking 50 points
EXTRA bonus 6: Use natural items (rocks, sticks etc) to spell the word for how being in nature makes you feel 25 points
EXTRA bonus 7: A family portrait at either a National Park or a Provincial or State park. Let me know at least one thing you learned while at this park  100 points.

I hope you have all enjoyed the past 9 weeks and hope you will play a long again next year!

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