Saturday, June 8, 2013

Falling in love with Seadoos

Ians brother Gary brought up a couple seadoos one weekend...
Sierra having a blast wit uncle Gary hands!
now is that a happy face???
Nana Diana and Ian
Aayla having a grand time...but likes it a wee bit slower then Sierra :)
Sierra with her Uncle Garys dog...

Well it didn't take long before we decided that we had to have some ourselves...I didn't think I'd enjoy the seadoos but...they sure are fun! Thanks to Kijijji we found a matching pair :)
Aayla and Sierra riding the new seadoos...couldn't wait for them to hit the water
Daddy and Aayla taking ours for a spin
Uncle Mark and Sandra
Uncle Mark and Charlie
Uncle Jay and Uncle
Josh water skiing
and knee boarding
Our neighbours
We still love the boat...
Out for a sunny spring day ride with Nana
Out on the neighbours boat having a blast!

"windy mama"
Tina our neighbour with Sierra and Kodey
Triple trouble
Cheers to the coming summer and making many more memories!

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