Thursday, March 14, 2013

Springwater Park

I write this post with mixed feelings...

We have been so busy with renovations that the girls and I haven't had a chance to do much exploring around Ontario. Today was a beautiful sunny day despite the cold stuff covering the ground :) so we ventured off to Springwater Park. We heard recently that Springwater Park was changing from an operational Ontario Park to non operational. Meaning people could walk in on foot free of charge but it would no longer be maintained. Click HERE to learn more. When we visited it was still operation and cost $14 for a family for the day.

Sierra received a little Hello Kitty video camera from her sister recently and was so cute to watch going around and taking pictures.
"Look Mommy it's so beautiful"  as she stops to take her own picture 
 Spring Water Park is home to native wild life that has been hurt, helped to recover but still not fit enough to return to the wild and survive on their own.

Sierra taking a picture of the turkey
 The girls favourite animal was the Bald Eagle. Sierra was so impressed with how big it's wing span was when flying.

I've always got a soft spot for owls
But this fox was a close second for me
 Some tracks in the snow along the trail
 Other animals we saw

The girls loved running the trails
Of course discovering a playground was a hit with them as well :)

A Chickadee dee dee
My shadow to prove I was here :)
There are a couple cabins at the park that can be rented by skiers in the winter to warm up in as well as a covered area and cabins for group rentals.
It really is sad that this park is changing to non operational. It was beautiful in the winter and I am sure in the spring, summer and fall it is beautiful too. My girls also really enjoyed seeing the animals up close and Sierra especially is worried about where they will go.

Have you visited Springwater Park?

*** of March 31st, 2013 this park is no longer listed on the Ontario Parks website. It is day use, walk in only and no fee to enter. The animals are gone and their are no facilities.***

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