Monday, October 29, 2012

Some fun times between the renos

In between all the work with the renos we have managed to squeeze in a little bit of fun...
Mmmm marshmallows

Heather with her perfectly cooked marshmallow

Ooey gooey good

Mattea, Sierra and Nella cooking up their own

Aayla hoping to get more ooey gooey gooness

Nella likes em uncooked best...but the stick makes it more yummy

The house from the backyard before the new windows

Ed and Ian putting up the gutters...
missed this photo in the last post

Nella making a peg fairy

Aayla drawing on her peg fairy face

Sierra adding some wings

the peg fairy family grows

Sierra and Mattea with their fairy family

The fairy family

Proud of their creations

Nella playing with her fairy

Nella and Aayla's fairies move into a tree stump home

Everyone moves in :)

And of course there had to be time for gathering of acorns and pinecones from the yard for some yummy mud pie play

We've enjoyed lots of visits from family and friends...
Cameron and Aayla head down to the river

Aayla gets a ride back up the stairs

raking leaves and pine needles

Lucas feeds the fire

yeah for shoulder rides!

And we celebrated Aayla's 5th birthday amid the construction

Dancing in the leaves with Liz

we even let Andrew and meadow have a break :)

Jay and Liz enjoying a dance in the backyard
We've even enjoyed some beautiful rainbows, herons and watching the baby deer in the nature preserve right across the river from is good...hectic...but good!

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  1. I love the photos!

    It looks like you've got a lot going on. I'm glad life is good - but hectic - but good for you!


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