Sunday, February 5, 2012


Do you know the game Hallabaloo???

While selling stuff in preparation of moving someone asked me if I had this game for sale and I said no I had never heard of it. She explained it to me and I thought it sounded fun so I ran to Value Village to see if I could find one and guess what...I DID for only $3.99!!!

The girls LOVE it. It's simple, it's easy and it's even easy enough that they can play by themselves when we need a few minutes to pack alone.

Just place all the pieces on the floor, turn on the machine and it talks to you and tells you what to do. This game is best summed up as a cross between Twister and Simon Says. Lots of fun...even for dad and mom!

So if you don't know this can buy it HERE or keep your eyes out at thrift stores as it's worth the wait!

Oh and while at Value Village I also got these two books for $1.99 each...looks like Ontario is speaking to us :)