Saturday, May 2, 2009

Recycled frame art gallery

Is your fridge cluttered with art projects that get knocked down everytime you walk by, open or close the fridge or due to little hands exploring? Well I have the solution for you!

Make a Art Gallery from recycled frames!

Supplies you'll need:
Some old pictures frames in varying sizes and shapes
Paint (I sprayed mine)
Sand paper
Picture hangers that mount directly to frame
Screws and sinkers and screw driver (or small finishing nails and hammer if you would rather)
Small clips (paper clips that clamp, or scrapbooking/craft clips)

I went to the thrift store to find some old frames. Sometimes they sell them even cheaper without the glass so take a look around. I paid $8 for the 5 I used.

Simple How To:

Collect some frames and remove the picture, glass and backing and recycle it. (I saved the glass from the two of mine that had glass for another project, and recycled the cardboard backings and prints, and removed and saved the wire hanger for future use)
(Aayla helped me sand the frames... isn't she just picture perfect?)

Next give all the frames a light sanding. Hang somewhere and spray paint your choice of colours. All the frames in our home are black so I did black for these too.

Decide how you want your frames laid out on the wall. (You may want to think of this before you go shopping for frames, as I just grabbed the 5 cheapest frames and didn't think about the layout until I was ready to hang and I am not totally happy with the end result. All I knew was I wanted a large one to display full size paintings)

Attach picture hangers that rest on a nail head to the top side of the back of your frames.

After your frames are hung on your wall, collect your 5 clips. I used scrapbooking ones I had on hand which had holes on them. We then put sinkers in the wall near the top of the frame and screwed the clip directly to the wall. Screwing the clips in with sinkers allows them to be sturdier when changing the art work around. (This step could be simplified with a finishing nail and office type paper clips just hung on the nail)

Now comes the hard part, choosing which master pieces to add to the art gallery. (I also added in a couple rewards Sierra got at daycare. She has had a rough couple of weeks coming down off of her Easter chocolate high, so receiving these rewards was a great accomplishment! She has been a monster!!!)

I did this while Sierra was at daycare and she was so excited to come home and see her art on the wall. It was magical! Now our fridge is neater, art work is safe and our little ones feel great pride in seeing their work in frames!

Where I got my inspiration from:
Lets Explore


  1. Oh this is a fantastic idea, I love it! I'll be linking.

  2. I love this idea. We have a whole box of masterpieces, and this would be a great way to display some of them. I think I even have some old frames somewhere....

  3. Great idea! Hope you are doing well!

  4. I miss your friday finds...but I know you are busy


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