Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun in the sun...and in the hail

Tynehead Park close to our house has recently expanded and opened up a new perimeter trail around a new section of the park so we decided today was the day to load up the kids bikes and go for a ride.

Aayla the Explorer on her Dora trike
Sierra giving her 2 wheeler a try...she has been very apprehensive up until today but she did awesome and was so excited to be riding her 2 wheeler!

I can't help but stop to admire the fresh new growth. I love the ferns popping out of the trees

Then off for some fun at a local playground

Hard to see and out of focus as it was a far way away and I only had my point and shoot but there is a heron in her nest...I will go back soon with my Canon Rebel and see if I can get some better pictures

 Shortly after returning home...the hail starts

In a matter of minutes the ground was white...some weird and wacky April weather that's for sure!

Testing out this new format with blogger...who knows how long it has been available but I just discovered it :) So sorry if this one is a bit lopsided, I'll get the hang of it soon enough!


  1. We had the hail here, too. Although it wasn't quite as big as that. I want to get my garden going, I hope that was the last of it.


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